I keep thinking about the two strange habits my father had.

When he ate chicken wings, he always lined the bones up in the tidiest way, so each wing would still have all its bones together and in place.

Whenever he finished his Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald's, he always folded…

David Hockney’s The Road to York through Sledmere (1997) © David Hockney

I thought Facebook group was no longer a thing. I was wrong. Perhaps it is a side effect of the pandemic year. I have joined a few fairly active Facebook groups myself. Facebook is wicked. It knows things, and it gives you suggestions. Among the many suggestions Facebook has given…

Or is it UK tabloids VS. US Oprah?

We are living in an interesting time. I remember the world as a place much less eventful when I was younger. How fast and far information has since travelled.

I have always liked Meghan. The Queen, Princess Diana and Meghan — they…

Cherry B.

An art girl. A writer.

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